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Shlok Enterprise

Talc Powder Production Process

From rock to powder, our talc undertakes an arduous journey - it's subjected to stringent quality control checks on state-of-the-art equipment all along the way to ensure a consistently superior product to meet the customer's specifications. The odyssey comprises of Mining, Sorting, Grinding, Pulverizing and Packing under the strict visit of our Quality Control department.

Mining :
Each of our mining areas have their own unique properties, enabling us to cater to diverse product qualities for different product applications. Specific ore qualities are identified prior to extraction and care is taken to eliminate any contamination of the selected ore. The behavior of any given ore is constantly monitored to ensure stability of physical and chemical characteristics.  Scientific mining and environmental protection go hand in hand. The group places high priority on protection of the environment. Effective steps are taken to ensure short term and long term measures to protect the environment. Every year tree plantation is done and the saplings are carefully tended to ensure a high survival rate.

Grinding & Packing :
From the mines, the talc ore is brought to our grinding units in Udaipur and stored in well-managed ore-yards. The ore is washed and dried to eliminate any unwanted material adhering to it. To maintain high quality and consistency in the end-product, the ore is again dressed and sorted by experienced and skilled manpower. 

Talc is a natural mineral and requires constant vigilance and pre-processing to produce an uniform end-product. Ore received from mines is analyzed for whiteness and important elements of chemical composition from time to time; thereafter, the ore is blended to achieve the exact desired properties. The blended ore is then ground to the desired particle size distribution.


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